2018 – 2019 Chapter Officers

Waukegan Chapter No. 41 Royal Arch Masons meets

3rd Tuesdays at 7:00 PM

Current Chapter Officers

Excellent High Priest: Karl J. Nygard

Excellent King: Carlos Duran

Excellent Scribe:    Michael Blasius

Treasurer:             Terry J. Hartl, PHP

Secretary: Roman Segal

Chaplain:   Hardy Evans, PHP

Captain of the Host: Kristoffer Caldwell, PHP

Principle Sojourner: Michael Brown

Royal Arch Captain: Kirk Preston, PHP

Steward: Vacant

Sentinel: Richard Vanderoef

Master of 3rd Veil: TBD

Master of 2nd Veil: TBD

Master of 1st Veil: TBD